Trust@HSH at NOMS Conference in Seoul

Vist NOMS conference

From May 6th-10th, the IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2024) took place in Seoul, South Korea. Our colleague Robin Buchta (research associate at Trust@HSH) presented his paper “One-Class Learning on Temporal Graphs for Attack Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems.”

You can find the poster for the presentation here.

07 May 2024

New colleague Sven-Ove Hänsel

Sven-Ove Haensel

We welcome our new colleague Sven-Ove Hänsel to our team. Sven will be working as a research associate as a member of the project PROMETEUS.

01 May 2024

Official opening of research institute Data|H at Hochschule Hannover

data-h logo

On April 16, 2024, the Data|H Institute was officially opened as part of a cheerful celebration with greetings from the Executive Board and the Dean’s Offices, a presentation of the institute with posters and live demos, two exciting keynotes and rousing music with accordion and double bass. 13 professors, supported by a large number of employees, are working together on questions of applied data science, particularly in the contexts of medicine, speech processing, e-science, mobility, logistics, production and IT security, but also in many other application areas.

The institute was founded on May 01, 2023 and continues the work of the research cluster “Smart Data Analytics”.

15 Apr 2024

New research project PROMETEUS


We are happy to announce our latest research project PROMETEUS, which started April 01, 2024. PROMETEUS stands for Enhancing cybersecurity with PROtocol MEssage analysis and anomaly detection using TExt UnderStanding.

The project aims at detecting anomalies in cyber-physical systems(s) (CPS). The main idea is to use raw textual data to create a system behaviour graph. Through the application of graph neural network(s) (GNN) we intend to create a model which classifies benign system behaviour and detects anomalies.

Check out our poster for more information.

01 Apr 2024

Leaving colleagues


Jan-Eske Gesell and Alexander Nusch leave the Trust@HsH team after finishing their masters’ degree and reaching a successful conclusion of the SecDER research project. We wish both of you all the best for your future careers.

31 Mar 2024

New research project GraphWatch


On January 01, 2024 our new research project GraphWatch started. GraphWatch is collaboration of the GmbH, inIT - Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe and the Hochschule Hannover.

GraphWatch aims to develop methods that are specifically designed for the detection of advanced persistent threat attacks and the techniques and tactics used to facilitate such an attack in cyber-physical systems. The chosen approach is known as threat hunting, complementary to classic security security monitoring/SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

01 Jan 2024

New colleague Kilian Dangendorf

Kilian Dangendorf

Kilian Dangendorf joins the Trust@HSH research group as a research asscociate. Kilian will be working on the PROMETEUS project. We wish you a good start!

27 Mar 2023

New colleague Robin Buchta

Robin Buchta

We welcome Robin Buchta as our latest member to Trust@HsH. Robin will be working on the Project SecDER.

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