Trust@HsH is a research group at the Hochschule Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lower Saxony, Germany. We do research in the field of IT security. Our main research interests started with Trusted Computing (TC) and some work towards Trusted Network Connect (TNC) as proposed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

The focus moved towards the IF-MAP specification and its application, apart from the TNC framework, in the field of data integration and analysis as a foundation for security analysis. In close relation to these topics we investigate how to reduce the workload of the administrator using such analysis components.

Our reserach concerns appropriate ways of visualizing and managing security information and policies as well as support in creating and maintaing and prioritizing rules and events in the network security domain.

Hochschule Hannover

We are a liaison member of the TCG and take part in the specification process of the MAP-SG Work Group. Check out our current projects in order to learn more about our efforts. If you are interested in open source implementations of IF-MAP applications or our prior work on the TNC architecture, you should visit the downloads section. For talks, papers, theses and posters check out the publications section. Information about our ongoing or already completed software and research projects can be found by visiting the appropriate section by selecting it in the projects dropdown list.

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As from December 17th, 2013, our research group has changed its name from Trust@FHH to Trust@HsH, to adapt the new name of our University (former Fachhochschule Hannover (FHH)). We also adjusted our logo and color scheme to match the new corporate design of our University, and Faculty respectively.

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Hochschule Hannover
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