Interview with Prof. Dr. Josef von Helden on Mobile Security

We have just released an interview that was shot on this year’s CeBIT. The head of our research group Prof. Dr. Josef von Helden speaks about mobile security and privacy issues related to today’s usage of smartphones.

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RSA Conference Demo available

The demonstration “Near Real-time Network Security with Open Source Tools”, which we showed at this year’s RSA Conference, is now available. In our demo section you can find the complete description to setup the demo.

24 Mar 2014

ifmapcli 0.1.1 released

We have released a new version of our IF-MAP command line toolset ifmapcli.

Changes and new features include

  • new CLI tools for device-characteristic, enforcement-report, location, wlan-information, unexpected-behaviour
  • use of a new parser for command line arguments: argparser4j
  • refactored the code to minimize redundancy (and allow to implement future tools in a simpler manner)

From this version on, ifmapcli provides CLI tools for all the metadata specified in TNC IF-MAP Metadata for Network Security in version 1.1.

21 Mar 2014

Some impressions from Cebit 2014

Here are some impressions of the Trust@HsH Cebit booth in Hall 7, Booth C28. Please also have a look at the Cebit news on the SIMU website.

Booth of Trust@HsH at Cebit 2014
Figure 1: Booth of Trust@HsH at Cebit 2014
Booth of Lower Saxony at Cebit 2014
Figure 2: Booth of Lower Saxony at Cebit 2014
Lighthouse at booth
Figure 3: Lighthouse at booth
Prof. Dr. Josef von Helden at a talk
Figure 4: Prof. Dr. Josef von Helden at a talk
13 Mar 2014

Meet the Trust@HsH team on CeBIT 2014

The Trust@HsH research group will present their work in IT and Network Security on this year’s CeBIT as one of 27 exhibitors of the joint booth of Germany’s federal state of Lower Saxony. Core themes of the joint booth are information security, law enforcement, IT and government solutions.

True to the booth’s motto “We have foresight”, the Trust@HsH research group will showcase their current work in Security Information and Event Management (see SIMU project ) and in visualization of network security (see VisITMeta project).

You can watch a high level demonstration of our open source IF-MAP tools or discuss the nitty details of their concepts or even implementation with our developers who will be present over the entire duration of the fair.

The Trust@HsH team will be happy to welcome you in Hall 7, at booth c28!

06 Mar 2014

Trust@HsH at RSA Conference 2014

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The Trust@HsH research group, in person by Bastian Hellmann and Ralf Steuerwald, participated at this years RSA conference in San Francisco (24th-28th February).

At the TCG associated seminar “Get proactive with security” on Monday 24th, Trust@HsH presented a live demonstration of a BYOD-scenario including software of the iron* software suite as well as the StrongSwan VPN-software by Hochschule Rapperswil and the Android IF-MAP client by DECOIT GmbH.

TCG seminar at RSA 2014
Figure 1: TCG seminar at RSA 2014
Demo booth of Trust@HsH
Figure 2: Demo booth of Trust@HsH

Demonstration details (including virtual machines and setup instructions) will be released in the next few weeks.

The conference itself was a perfect opportunity to meet some fellow TCG members and other network security professionals and discuss our approaches and current work, as well as attending talks and panels with security experts like Bruce Schneier, Adi Shamir and Whitfield Diffie.

Impressions of RSA 2014
Figure 3: Impressions of RSA 2014

Here are some general impressions of the city of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge
Figure 4: Golden Gate Bridge
Figure 5: Alcatraz
Lombard Street
Figure 6: Lombard Street
03 Mar 2014

New releases of all ifmapj-based software

As we mentioned in our last news about the release of ifmapj 1.0.0, we successfully updated all of our ifmapj-based tools to make use of ifmapj 1.0.0.

All of our Github master branches for the following software were adjusted to use ifmapj 1.0.0, and therefore use the new package structure (

20 Dec 2013

ifmapj 1.0.0 available at Maven Central

ifmapj, our Java library for IF-MAP Clients is now available via Maven Central.

As mentioned in our post about the new name of our research group, we increased the version number to 1.0.0, as we adapted the package names in all source files of ifmapj to match the new name of our research group and University.

At the moment, we are working on all our IF-MAP Clients that use ifmapj, to adapt them to use ifmapj 1.0.0 and therefore also adjust their package structure, so there will be new releases as well.

So in the near future, when all tools are adapted, all of our IF-MAP Clients can then be simply build by downloading them from Github and then run Maven, and ifmapj will be downloaded automatically by Maven like every other dependency.

We will publish a further news item, when adapting all tools is finished. Until then, you can use and build our tools as before (including manually installing ifmapj to your local Maven repository).

18 Dec 2013
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