Trust@HsH presents paper at IDAACS 2019

IDAACS Conference Building: Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Metz (ENIM)

On September 18th-21st the 10th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications took place in Metz, France.

The Trust@HsH research group, in person of Bastian Hellmann, presented a paper on A User Study of the Visualization-Assisted Evaluation and Management of Network Security Detection Events and Policies. The paper summarizes the design and results of a user study that was conducted in early 2019 in order to evaluate the quality and usefulness of the main features of the VisITMeta software and the overall IF-MAP based framework for visual analysis.

Similar to the previous IDAACS conferences of the years 2015 and 2017, where the Trust@HsH research group also presented their works, talks on other topics within the security domain as well as data acquisition and information processing were given.

Additionally, the organization team prepared a very interesting city tour of Metz together with a quite impressive tour of the Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Metz.

Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Metz Gare de Metz-Ville (main railway station of Metz)

30 Sep 2019
Hochschule Hannover
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty IV, Dept. of Computer Science
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hannover, Germany