irond now fully supports IF-MAP 2.2

Good news, everyone!

The freshly released 0.5.0 version of our MAP server irond incorporates a number of changes to provide full compliance with the IF-MAP 2.2 specification. Some of the features include (see the specification for the whole changelog):

  • MAP Content Autorization - MAP Content Authorization provides a standard model for controlling what operations MAP Clients can execute upon the content of a MAP server.

  • ifmap-server identifier - The IF-MAP server-identifier is a well known extended identifier that provides a dedicated identifier on which MAP servers can create server-capability metadata to indicate which capabilities they supports. The IF-MAP server-identifier is published by the MAP server itself to enable MAP clients to find out which IF-MAP version and optional capabilities the MAP server they intend to communicate with supports.

  • ifmap-timestamp-fraction metadata attribute - This special or “operational” attribute that MAP servers add to stored metadata enables for finely grained timestamps with potentially arbitrary precision.

To the best of our knowledge, the Trust@HsH research group are the first to implement a fully IF-MAP 2.2 compliant MAP server and we are proud to provide researchers in industry and academia with an open source implementation to support their research activities.

You can find precompiled binaries and the sources on our github page. Please consult the README for details on building irond on your own.

Note: We already released version 0.5.1 of irond, as we changed a small shortcoming in the build process.

01 Sep 2014
Hochschule Hannover
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty IV, Dept. of Computer Science
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hannover, Germany
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