ifmapj 2.2.0 released

Today we released version 2.2.0 of our Java library for IF-MAP Clients, ifmapj. With this version we implement the version 2.2 of the official IF-MAP specification.

Changes and new features include

  • Raw XML request and response logging can be turned on by setting a system property.
  • A ThreadSafe SSRC for connections.
  • Ability to set an initial connection timeout when creating a SSRC.
  • AccessRequest identifier: remove deprecation of administrative-domain.
  • New metadata wrapper that allows XPath-based queries on metadata documents.
  • Add ifmap-timestamp-fraction to Metadata interface.

The new version is also already available via Maven central.

16 Jul 2014
Hochschule Hannover
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty IV, Dept. of Computer Science
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hannover, Germany
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