New versions of irond and irondhcp available!

irond 0.2.0 and irondhcp 0.1.0 are now available for download!

In the last couple of weeks, we made pretty good progress in redesigning our irond MAPS in order to make it, let’s say, more compliant to the IF-MAP spec. Furthermore, we created the first release of our irondhcp MAPC.

irond 0.2.0:

Many changes were introduced since the last release (0.1.1). The most important changes affect the communication layer of irond. This layer does the connection management, authentication, SOAP parsing and the dispatching of IF-MAP operations. The whole layer was rewritten from scratch. It now features parallel processing of IF-MAP operations which should greatly increase the overall performance. Besides the new communication layer, we also made a couple of bugfixes.

irondhcp 0.1.0:

irondhcp is the second stand alone MAPC that we are releasing. It is a JAVA program that is able to monitor the dhcp.leases file of an ISC DHCPD. Based on the leases file, it publish updates or publish deletes ip-mac metadata. Like our first MAPC (irongui), irondhcp also uses Axis for its IF-MAP communication.

You can find the binary and source tarballs in our download section. Any feedback is appreciated. You can contact us via

10 Feb 2011
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