Trust@FHH at LinuxTag 2009

The Trust@FHH Team Member Joerg Vieweg gave a talk about Trusted Network Access Control based on Open Source Software - Experiences from Adoption at the LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin. The talk was aimed to explain how open source software based upon Trusted Computings Trusted Network Connect can help to increase the security of today’s IT systems, especially in the area of modern networks.

In the first part, we gave a general introduction into the concepts of Trusted Network Connect as proposed by the Trusted Computing Group.

The second part presented projects of the Trust@FHH research group that deal with open source software and Trusted Computing as proposed by the TCG, especially the Trusted Network Connect approach.

Three active projects that were presented in the talk:

  1. IF-MAP@FHH, an implementation of the IF-MAP specification
  2. TNC@FHH, an implementation of the TNC architecture
  3. tNAC, a project that aims to develop a TNC compatible NAC solution that uses the capabilities of Trusted Computing platforms.

All software that is developed within these projects is completely open source.

The talk finished with an outlook of current challenges and unsolved problems in the area of Trusted Computing and Trusted Network Connect.

27 Jul 2009
Hochschule Hannover
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Faculty IV, Dept. of Computer Science
Ricklinger Stadtweg 120
30459 Hannover, Germany
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