Trust@FHH will attend the ACM HotMobile 2012

We are excited to attend the ACM HotMobile Workshop 2012 in San Diego to present our poster on “Trustworthy Anomaly Detection for Smartphones”. The accepted abstract and the final poster will be made available for download after the conference.

27 Jan 2012

irond 0.3.0 released

The new version 0.3.0 of our IF-MAP server irond is now available. This versions includes pretty nice enhancements, such as:

  • support for raw logging of requests/responses
  • configurable validation of XML schema
  • performance boost when dealing with large graphs and complex subscriptions

You can find the binary and the source archives in our download section.

22 Dec 2011

irongui 0.3.1 released

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The new version 0.3.1 of irongui is now available for download. It provides numerous bugfixes and some new nice features you might want to have a look at.

We made quiet a lot of bugfixes in this release. However, you will likely encounter undesired behaviour if you stress irongui too much. The following new features are now supported:

Connection Management Dialog alternate text

Treeview Based Browsing alternate text

Note: There are some known issues with the Subscribe panel in this version. We are working on a quick fix.

19 Dec 2011

New version of ifmapj and ifmapj-examples

The new version 0.1.3 of ifmapj and ifmapj-examples are now available. The most relevant changes are:

  • Fixed typo ‘disoverer-id’ in standard metadata factory
  • Updated testing keystore
  • Fix Device identifier parsing
  • Introduce ifmapj.communication.verifypeercert and ifmapj.communication.verifypeerhost system properties

ifmapj is an IF-MAP client library that eases development of IF-MAP clients. You can find the latest release in our download section.

12 Dec 2011

Public Trust@FHH Redmine is online

The public redmine of the Trust@FHH research group is now online. Just follow this link ( or the link in the side menu. The redmine contains Wikis for the different projects as well as Issue Tracker.

08 Dec 2011

tnc@fhh is now on Github

The tnc@fhh software package and the additions/changes (“patches”) to FreeRADIUS to support

  1. the current tnc@fhh Server,
  2. XACML evaluation by our Trust@FHH XACML PDP and
  3. two inner authentication methods inside of EAP-TTLS

are now available at Github (account trustatfhh).

The FreeRADIUS patches, that were bundled with prior versions of tnc@fhh are now separated within a “fork” of the original FreeRADIUS server and can only be loaded via Github. Old versions can still be found via the Download area and the “Archive” links, but newer version will only be made available via Github.

Git download links:

  • tnc@fhh: <git://>

  • FreeRADIUS server with patches: <git://>

17 Nov 2011

Trust@FHH XACML PDP is now on Github

From today, the Trust@FHH XACML PDP is available at Github -> Check it out via git://

The next step will be the release of tnc@fhh on Github, so that collaboration will be much easier.

19 Oct 2011

irond 0.2.4

A new version of the irond server is available for download.

The following changes have been made:

  • Adapt the construction of PollResults to what will be expected from the Specification. Most recent metadata comes last in PollResult. This involved quite some changes.

  • Refactoring of the SubscriptionService while changing the ordering of metadata.

  • Updated log4j httpcore libraries.

  • Fixed a bug where the searcher failed if two different links produced the same hashCode().

  • Bugfix: Searcher would not traverse links already traveled, even if the depth was smaller than in the first round. This could occur with circles in the MAP graph.

  • Bugfix: Remove illegal subscription update optimization.

14 Oct 2011
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