Trust@HsH presents papers at IDAACS 2017

IDAACS Conference Building: Library of Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB)

On September 20th-23rd the 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications took place in Bucharest, Romania. The Trust@HsH research group and their partners presented three papers on several topics in the area of network security.

Kai-Oliver Detken from the DECOIT GmbH in Bremen presented the paper Combining Network Access Control (NAC) and SIEM functionality based on Open Source containing the latest results within the CLEARER joint research project.

Leonard Renners held a presentation on Modeling and Learning Incident Prioritization in which an abstract model for the calculation of priorities for security incidents is proposed and results regarding the induction of a prioritization model using a model tree learner are discussed.

Bastian Hellmann also presented his paper on Integrating Visual Analysis of Network Security and Management of Detection System Configurations in which he discusses the advantages of a combination of the tasks to monitor and analyze the network situation together with the management of the security components and the assessment of changes in the configuration of the individual tools.

The conference covered more topics, both within the security domain and also in other tracks related to data acquisition and information processing.

Introduction and Opening Session of the IDAACS Conference 2017 Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

28 Sep 2017

Trust@HsH presents paper on CLEARER research project at D.A.CH Security 2017

On September 5-6th at the D.A.CH Security 2017: Bestandsaufnahme, Konzepte, Anwendungen und Perspektiven in Munich, the Trust@HsH research group presented their paper IT-Sicherheitsanalyse durch NAC-Systeme mit SIEM-Funktionalität.

The conference tackeled many different topics in the area of IT-security. The two main areas of interest have been IT-critical infrastructures and social engineering. The collection of security relevant informations in this networks is a known problem. The next step is to correlate, assess and prioritize these informations like in classical IT-infrastructures with its new challenges. We think our security information and event management (SIEM) system developed for project CLEARER could provide a good base to do this.

Within the paper, some results regarding the architecture of the CLEARER project were presented. More precisely it was shown how to build an (open-source) SIEM system with a focus on network access systems and compliance rules.

08 Sep 2017

New colleagues

We welcome our new colleagues Thu-Trang Cindy Hoang B.Sc. and Alexander Nusch as members of the Trust at HsH team. We wish you a good start and are looking forward to a good teamwork.

13 Mar 2017

New colleagues

We welcome our new colleagues Dominique Schleef B.Sc. as a member of the CLEARER project team and Marcel Felix B.Sc. as a member of the IQM4HD project team. We are looking forward to a good teamwork.

01 Nov 2016

New email address

Due to internal restructuring at our University, our contact email address is now:

(the old and no longer usable address was

31 Aug 2016

Launch of new research project CLEARER


We can proudly announce the start of our new research project “CLEARER: Erfüllung von Compliance‐Anforderungen durch automatisierte Bearbeitung von IT-Sicherheitsvorfällen”. CLEARER started on May 1st and will be completed in April 2018.

The goal of CLEARER is the development of a SIEM system with an automatic integration of compliance requirements into it. It will utilize novel network security approaches and distributive computing to meet the specific requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like ease of integration, small administrative effort and cost effectiveness.

CLEARER will benefit from the experiences that we and our partners DECOIT GmbH, IT-Security@Work GmbH and macmon secure GmbH have gathered during our previously security research projects. The IF-MAP based software developed during the SIMU project will be extended and enhanced to create more sophisticated tools that allow for better automation and address the limited possibilities of SMEs in security expert knowledge and resources.

The CLEARER research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the range of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (BMWi, FKZ: ZF4202902HB6).

20 Jun 2016

Subsite for new research project added

alternate text

A new subsite for the current research project IQM4HD (Intelligent Quality Monitoring for Heterogeneous Data) was added to our website.

14 Apr 2016

Some impressions from Cebit 2016

Here are some impressions of the Trust@HsH Cebit booth in Hall 6, Booth A18.

Joint stand of the state Lower Saxony at Cebit 2016
Figure 1: Joint stand of the state Lower Saxony at Cebit 2016
Booth of Trust@HsH at Cebit 2016 (with Thomas Oelsner)
Figure 2: Booth of Trust@HsH at Cebit 2016 (with Thomas Oelsner)
Prof. Dr. Volker Ahlers and Leonard Renners
Figure 3: Prof. Dr. Volker Ahlers and Leonard Renners
22 Mar 2016
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