Ingo Bente gives talk on IF-MAP at MASSIF Meeting

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Ingo Bente from Trust@FHH gave a talk on IF-MAP within the scope of the MASSIF meeting at Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt, Germany on March 15th 2011.

The MASSIF project aims at developing a new generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) framework for monitoring and predicting security relevant incidents. The SIEM framework will be demonstrated in the scope of complex and security-critical systems like the Olympic Games IT infrastructure, a mobile money transfer system, managed enterprise services and critical infrastructures.

For further information on MASSIF, visit the project website:

The talk is available for download.

19 Apr 2011

ESUKOM Project presented at University Frankfurt

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The ESUKOM project was presented at the University of Frankfurt within the scope of a workshop on security and datacenter-design. The workshop was organized by the University of Frankfurt. The two companies Infoblox and Juniper Networks, both partners of the ESUKOM project, contributed with talks on their latest products and on the TCG efforts to improve network security by open standards like TNC and especially IF-MAP. In the end, Ingo Bente presented the ESUKOM project and introduced the latest research on IF-MAP.

The talk is available for download.

19 Apr 2011

tnc@fhh 0.8.2 released

After releasing tnc@fhh Version 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 only internally, tnc@fhh Version 0.8.2 is finally released to the public. The main additions of this release are:

  • Support for VPN-Environments based on the IF-T for TLS protocol, thus allowing tnc@fhh to be used within existing VPN-environments. The release consists of special versions for the AR and the PDP as well as a special extension for PEPs.

  • Compatibility with the tNAC-Components. Special hooks are added to support the XACML-Policy System used within the tNAC-Project.

As usual, you can find the tarball in the download section. The wiki should be updated to reflect this version. However, if you encounter any problems, please contact us via

14 Apr 2011

New versions of irond and irondhcp available!

irond 0.2.0 and irondhcp 0.1.0 are now available for download!

In the last couple of weeks, we made pretty good progress in redesigning our irond MAPS in order to make it, let’s say, more compliant to the IF-MAP spec. Furthermore, we created the first release of our irondhcp MAPC.

irond 0.2.0:

Many changes were introduced since the last release (0.1.1). The most important changes affect the communication layer of irond. This layer does the connection management, authentication, SOAP parsing and the dispatching of IF-MAP operations. The whole layer was rewritten from scratch. It now features parallel processing of IF-MAP operations which should greatly increase the overall performance. Besides the new communication layer, we also made a couple of bugfixes.

irondhcp 0.1.0:

irondhcp is the second stand alone MAPC that we are releasing. It is a JAVA program that is able to monitor the dhcp.leases file of an ISC DHCPD. Based on the leases file, it publish updates or publish deletes ip-mac metadata. Like our first MAPC (irongui), irondhcp also uses Axis for its IF-MAP communication.

You can find the binary and source tarballs in our download section. Any feedback is appreciated. You can contact us via

10 Feb 2011

New versions of irond and irongui available!

We are glad to announce that irond 0.1.1 and irongui 0.1.0 are now available for download. irond 0.1.1 is a bug fix release. We fixed several bugs that were detected during the last weeks, especially at the TNC PlugFest. With irongui, we are happy to provide a visualization tool that can act as a simple MAP 2.0 client. Since the IRON project has officially ended, the development of the software is now carried out within the ESUKOM research project.

Update: The README file was missing in the first version of the irongui packages. This issue is now fixed.

30 Nov 2010

ESUKOM Website is now online

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The ESUKOM website at is now online. For the next two years, it will be the place to go if you are looking for research results that were achieved within the project. Highlights and results that impact Trusted Computing, Trusted Network Connect and Mobile Security issues in general will be cross linked here.

09 Nov 2010

Preview of irongui - A Graphical User Interface for IF-MAP 2.0 Servers

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We would like to give a preview on one of our current tasks that we are working on: irongui. It is a Graphical User Interface for IF-MAP 2.0 servers. It is intended to provide a debug view on the current metadata hold by a MAP server.

One nice aspect of irongui is that it can act as an ordinary MAP client. In the release version, the user can provide the root node of the graph that shall be displayed. Afterwards, the communication between irongui and the MAP server is based upon standard IF-MAP subscription and poll operations. Thus, irongui should be able to visualize any MAP 2.0 server. If irongui is used with our own irond MAP server, it is also possible to use an irond-specific operation in order to bootstrap the visualisation process.

The first version of irongui will be released in November 2010.

25 Oct 2010

Steve Hanna gives talk at Trust@FHH

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On Wednesday, Steve Hanna, Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks and co-chair of the TCG’s TNC-WG and the IETF’s NEA-WG has visited the Trust@FHH group in Hanover. It was a great chance for our group to present the current projects that we are working on to one of the most esteemed experts in the area of Trusted Computing and Trusted Network Connect.

Steve gave an exciting talk about “Coordinated Security: A New Paradigm” and presented the big picture of TNC and especially IF-MAP to members and students of our group.

08 Oct 2010
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